Electronic security systems

SME Secure

The No. 1 in Systems
You can come to us to have all your electronic security systems recommended, maintained and installed.

✔ Customized solution
✔ Expert & certified
✔ Multiple solutions in house
24/7 emergency service

Electronic security systems

The No. 1 in security systems


You can come to us to have all your electronic security systems recommended, maintained and installed.

✓ Customized solution
✓ Expert & certified
✓ Multiple solutions in house
✓ 24/7 emergency service


Find out all the systems MKB-secure can install for you

At MKB- secure, we specialize in installing all of your various security systems. Check out our wide selection of quality products here.

Camera systems

Continuous overview of all events

Intrusion detection systems

Secure your premises against burglary

Access systems

Manage who has access to secure areas

Intercom systems

A complement to your access system

PSIM systems

Physical security information management

Looking for a reliable partner for the installation and maintenance of all your security systems?

Both for the installation of new electronic security and for maintenance and management of your old installations, you can come to us. We ensure that your security systems always remain reliable and always offer you a customized solution. Read all about the installation and maintenance of your security systems here.

Why SME Secure?

Custom solution

We always provide a customized solution by looking at the business processes and how best to set it up.

Expert & certified

With years of experience, our technicians are knowledgeable and well-trained, working with certified personnel and certified systems.

Multiple solutions in house

For every problem we always find a suitable solution. Our excellent product knowledge enables us to provide complex integrated solutions.

24/7 emergency service

Are you suffering from a malfunction? With our 24/7 breakdown service, your malfunctions will be solved by us in no time and you will be assured of good security again.

Wondering what other customers are saying about us?

We have had the pleasure of providing many companies with trusted security. Read how previous customers experience this here.

"MKB Secure is a reliable and flexible party that we regularly and gladly use! When we have a problem it is solved quickly and the technicians are friendly and efficient."

T. Browne

"If only I had found them earlier that would have saved me a lot of problems. Even though I was new, I was helped quickly, my system was reviewed properly and the problems were taken out!"

B. Defeber

"A helping hand when we are up! Every now and then we need extra 'hands' on project installations, then it's nice that we can count on SME Secure and get qualified people who know their stuff!"

R. de Laat

Reliable security

Always assured that your premises are properly secured?

Due to the high quality of our products and expert customization, we always provide the best solutions. Schedule a free consultation so we can work together to find a suitable solution to your security issues.

What industries do we work in?

We help all companies and institutions that want to use electronic security for their premises. Check out the industries where we mainly work.


Business services



New and remodeling


Our partners

We work with different suppliers, national and international contacts so that we can always provide you with the best quality and the best solution

Who we are

We are a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience and always provide an appropriate customized solution. We are up to date with the latest developments in the security industry and together with our certified technicians and certified systems we always go for the best result.


Years of experience and expert advice

Always think with you
Trusted security from start to finish

Wondering how we proceed?

Before we come to install the security systems at your place, there are a number of steps we go through together. Check here to see exactly how we proceed.


Quote request

You can request a no-obligation quote through the website. We will contact you within 24 hours so we can schedule a consultation to discuss everything.



During the consultation we discuss all your requirements and review your situation. We discuss all business circumstances so that we can get a good picture of them and proceed with ease

Advisory Report

Following consultation, we will prepare an advisory report in which we detail everything and advise you for an appropriate solution



Do you completely agree with the advisory report? Then all you have to do is agree and we can get on with the real work.


Once we receive the agreement from you, it is time for the installation. The technician will come by to install the security systems and make sure everything is completely ready for use.

Have a question? Please contact us

You can always contact us without obligation. We are at your service for all your questions and advice. You can reach us via +3171 7600745 , or send an email to m.vanderwinden@mkb-secure.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

"I think it is important that every customer gets the same attention from us, after all, taking security measures is often a matter of trust. Because of our broad knowledge and experience, we are absolutely capable of advising you. Do you have any questions? Contact us, that's the first step to a pleasant cooperation."

Matthijs van der Winden

Owner, SME Secure

High quality

Looking for an electronic security system for your premises?

At MKB-secure we only work with high quality systems and certified technicians so we can always offer you the best solution. Request a free quote so we can discuss your needs together.